CIS Supervision Console<

CIS Supervision Console


Welcome to the prototype of my CIS console application.
It's premised around the idea that better management of surface vehicles will improve the rider's experience and provide for more efficient use of valuable operators and vehicles. Better management requires better tools, tools that give supervisors a high-level overview of the route being managed and detailed, per-vehicle data to support immediate corrections and long-term, root-cause analysis. Finally, operators need more information to help them self-manage, which is especially difficult if the goal is to maintain headways and not follow a schedule.

To get started, you can see the headway based console here and the schedule based console here. Both of these are using real, live data, provided by the NextBus API.

To see what an operator could see in their vehicle, click here.

A reference page that describes the console view and it's features can be found here

I'm only monitoring route 7 (Bathurst) for now to save computation / bandwidth.

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